SocialStudies1.JPGSocial Studies Topics for KAS


  • Rules, Community, Calendar/time, Geography, Families, Holidays/Traditions, Geography (Pittsburgh)

1st Grade

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mapping, Geography (continents and oceans), community, heritage, immigration, multicultural holidays and traditions, 
    Individual growth/socio-emotional - kindness, how do we approach mistakes, conflict resolution

2nd Grade

  • Responsibilities/rules, Communities (school, local-leadership,govt,), Mapping\geography, Pittsburgh history




3rd Grade

  • Pennsylvania State History (w/ artifacts, places, people), Regions of PA, Regions of U.S., states and capitals 

4th-5th Grade

  • Year 1: Pre-1800s America: Native Americans, Colonization, 13 Colonies, French and Indian War, American Revolution, US Government/Constitution
  • Year 2: 1800-1900: Road to the Civil War (reviewing Constitution, economics/plantation), Civil War, Reconstruction/Jim Crow, Westward Expansion





6th-7th-8th Grade 

  • Year 1:  Culture+ Geography- Ancient world (Egypt, Greece, Rome), Middle Ages (Feudalism - Japan, Europe; Silk Road - Asia)
  • Year 2: Citizenship and Belonging- Immigration (Angel, Ellis Island), Holocaust and Japanese Interment, US Civil Rights Era, Global Rights
  • Year 3: Economics- Industrial Revolution, Global Poverty, Medieval Islam, Mansa Musa, Imperialism in Asia, Climate/Economics