There is no one particular KAS child. There are children from a variety of diverse backgrounds. That said, we are selective about who is accepted to the school. We want to make sure our school is the right fit for your child. This selectivity also helps us keep the school’s class size small, which allows the teachers to work with each child according to their ability, whether it’s a child with specific learning needs or one advanced for their age group.

While KAS is an independent school and not affiliated with any religious group, we are incredibly grateful for the 3rd Presbyterian Church’s continued support of the school’s mission and generous use of space.  To learn more about their community, please visit their website at

We understand the importance of physical activity for growing kids. While the school doesn’t have a gym, we have a small outdoor space where the kids often play during the day and after school. In addition, we take advantage of all that Shadyside has to offer in the warmer months in terms of playgrounds and green spaces. We walk to parks and playgrounds in the area, such as Mellon Park or up Negley Ave. to the Wightman field at least once a week. In the colder months, the kids go to the Boys & Girls Club of Shadyside once a week to use the gym for everything from basketball to movement and exercise games in a supportive and safe environment.

The quick answer is everywhere, from public to private schools, but check out our student destinations

No. We are committed to focusing our efforts on the kindergarten through eighth grade experience.

We have extended day from 3 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. for an additional fee. For more information, check out our Club KAS, our after-school program. We also have early-morning drop-off.

We know we’re kind of the best-kept secret in Pittsburgh when it comes to K-8 education. We’re okay with that. Most people come to us via word of mouth because of a friend whose child went to KAS and had a positive experience. We want to make sure our class sizes stay small and that no child ever gets lost in the shuffle. That said, we’re growing and always looking for ways to spread the word about our great school. Come be a part of that.

Go to our admissions page for the all information. You can also call Genevieve Kirk at 412.361.5332 or email her at