Science Topics for KAS



  • Plants and Animals, Weather, Pushes and Pulls, *Observations-what are they how do we use them

1st Grade

  • Animals (sorting, environments, adaptations), Solar system, forces and motion, magnets, plants, scientific method beginnings – what do scientists do?

2nd Grade

  • Scientific Method, Matter Stages/Matter Characteristics, Landforms; Ecosystems

3rd Grade

  • Weather and Climate, Forces and Motion, Growth and Development of organisms

4th Grade

  • Vision & Light; Waves, Energy, and Information, Engineering Challenges

5th Grade

  • Environmental Detectives, Patterns of Earth & Sky, Engineering Challenges

6th, 7th, 8th Grade

  • Year 1- Life Science (23-24): Microbiome, Metabolism, Traits and Reproduction, Populations and Resources, Matter and Energy in Ecosystems, Natural Selection, Evolutionary History
  • Year 2- Physical Science (22-23): Harnessing Human Energy, Force and Motion, Magnetic Fields, Thermal Energy, Phase Change, Chemical Reactions, Light Waves
  • Year 3- Earth Science (21-22): Geology on Mars, Plate Motion, Rock Transformations, Earth, Moon, and Sun, Ocean, Atmosphere, & Climate, Weather Patterns, Earth’s Changing Climate​​​​



Primary Grades 1/2/3

Intermediate Grade 4

Middle School Grades 5/6/7/8


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The Arts


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