First Grade and 412 Food Rescue

First graders made their own connections with social responsibility, empathy and kindness by partnering with local Pittsburgh agency, 412 Food Rescue. Our young agents of change made 'gratitude cards' for 412 Food Rescue volunteers and donors.

412 Food Rescue bridges the gap between waste and hunger. They rescue food from local restaurants and retailers and deliver it to organizations who can use it immediately to service those in need.

Conflict Kitchen and KAS

While the Middle School students were studying Iran in Social Studies and Language Arts, they had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch with Conflict Kitchen as the restaurant ended its exploration of Iran. Conflict Kitchen also came to the school afterwards to lead a workshop with the students.

News from the 2015-2016 School Year

Science Fair

At the end of the school year, Middle School students participated in a science fair. The fair was the culmination of work done throughout the year with the guidance of Dr. Christy McGuire. Dr. Michael Seaman of Duquesne University, and Chuck Vukotich of the University of Pittsburgh and PRSEF adjudicated the fair.

National History Day

Middle School student, Kate Strong, participated in the 2016 National History Day State Competition after winning 2nd place in the local competition for her historical paper on the Armenian Genocide.

Let's Move Pittsburgh Champion School!

Our lunch and garden programs are Let's Move Pittsburgh winners two years running. Assistant Principal Aimee DeFoe, Lunch Progam Manager Lee Dockstader, and Whole Foods Market's Enright Garden Coordinator Valerie Testa presented at November's Let's Move Symposium poster session.